While in incarceration for his political activities under late Gen. Sani Abacha's government, our Chief promoter, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo made a commitment to God that if and when he comes out alive, he would spend the rest of his life preaching the Gospel of Christ going on regular evangelic outing. He was eventually released in 1998, after three year, three months and three days in prison. He was committed to his resolve to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ but the demand for him to serve his father land as civilian president was overwhelming, he therefore contested and won.
God granted the desire of Nigerians as he was elected the president of the nation and the served two terms. While in Aso Rock, the seat of Nigeria Government, he discovered there were four praying centers for muslim and there was not of a single praying place for Christians. It is on record that he turned one of the game rooms to a temporary place of Christian worship. Soon, the idea of a permanent place came up. Within ninety days, what is now Aso Rock Villa Chapel was built and dedicated to God. It is on record also that Chief Obasanjo prayed everyday of his eight years tebure between 6 and 7am before he would receive any visitor all his eight years as the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. In addition to the Chapel at the Aso Villa, he organized private donations from the general public to complete the ecumenical center known as National Christian Center.
On completion of his tenure, he wanted to fulfill his promise to God of going on evangelistic outing with trailer behind his jeep but state security would not permite because such involvement would pose serious risk to him as former president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This is the genesis of Chapel of Christ the Glorious King that if he could not personally go out to hold public preaching for security reason, he could build and promote a church that would fulfill this dear dream of evangelism. This is the reason he has spent so much to have this structure with the hope that God will bring in people that will see to this desire to reach the world with the Gospel of Christ. Thus, he expects everyone who is a member salvation of many in this generation and generations to come. Thus, your Chapel Our Chapel is church with a mandate.
Suffice to add that Chapel of Christ the Glorious King is not affiliated to any denomination, whether in or outside Nigeria. It is a registered trustee, non-profit. The Chapel is expected to expand as the lord leads us with braches in and outside this nation. Abeokuta is our Jerusalem and we will reach the utmost part of the earth by the grace of God that commissioned the church.
The sum of this short history is to help Chapel members, especially workers to note that as members, first from Christ and extension from the commitment of our Chief promoter.

Nature Of Operation

This Chapel has an Apostolic Ministry with opportunity to reach many Nations. As a result, there is Apostolic anointing to function. Our Foundation is based on integrity, commitment and purposeful adventure with Jesus Christ.
We are totally dependent on the Holy Spirit for direction and empowerment. Moreover, this Chapel is being built around personality of Jesus Christ and his continually lifted up among us. And as he is lifted up he still draw all men to himself, consequently, the name of Christ the Glorious King as led by the Holy Spirit using all members via all legitimate media.

Worship Experience

Growth Development Department
Goal:- Member care

Growth and Development Department
Goal: Spiritual Commitment

Service Department
Goal:- To turn members into ministers and every member find a place of service.

Media/Technical Department
Goal:- To put into the hands of the church ready instruments that will aid personal spiritual growth.