The whole world is our parish and the soul of all our target. To this end, we promote fellowship that nurtures, making ready a people prepared for the lord. We invest in the lives of humanity to affecting next generation for Christ, as such; we are both heavenly conscious and earthly useful.


This Chapel is raised to reach as many people as possible of all races for Christ The Glorious King, irrespective of class or social status under the auspices of the Holy Spirit, using all media. We preach, tech, provide physical and spiritual care, offer experiential worship and prayer opportunities in an environment that enriches personal and corporate Christian life. WE are committed top practical soul winning by personal and corporate witnessing and missions. Thus we reach out as far as we could through all media, promoting total commitment of disciples to Christ.


Since the task of the Chapel is to make ready a people prepared for the lord, we all shall actively be involved with Christ through the Holy Spirit to help people to find Jesus Christ and be nurtured in Him by providing spiritual and social care within in the Chapel through

  • Dynamic Christian worship expreience.
  • Discipling through active soul winnig, church planting and missions.
  • Co-operating with other organization institute within the ambit of Christian Ministries to further the frontier of the Kingdom of God.